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The Lion Seeker

The Lion Seeker - Kenneth Bonert

I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads.

Kenneth Bonert’s debut is fresh, exciting, and confident. The mother figure, Gitelle is fierce with love for her children juxtaposed against the fierce disfiguring facial scar that drives the plot's backstory. Her son Isaac, with hair "gleaming like fresh-skinned carrots" is every bit the spirited red head. At times I really liked Isaac, other times I found his schemes tiring and him to be very naive but if anything, he is interesting.

Bonert fleshes out his story in rolling scenes, dialect, and sharp prose. With its sweeping scenes I could see this book easily being adapted for the big screen.

My only complaint is that I felt the book to be a bit long and that Bonert was trying to hard to prove himself. The writing speaks for itself - Bonert has arrived.