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Here I Am

Here I Am - Jonathan Safran Foer

A special thank you to NetGalley and Penguin Random House for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This novel completely got away from me and I didn't want to continue with it. I did eventually finish but it took me a few months to get through this book because I always complete the books I have committed to reviewing.

Foer is a wonderful writer, he really is, which is why this book threw me for such a loop. I was enjoying the storyline of the dissolution of Jacob and Julia's marriage, well, I guess as much as you can enjoy being a witness to something so painful. The writing was raw, tender, and so good. It started to unravel anytime any of their three children came into the scene–are there really kids that are that precocious? Foer introduces a natural disaster which is incredibly distracting. He draws the readers attention not only away from Jacob and Julia, but manages to draw the reader right out of the book. He should have simply stuck with this storyline and left it at that. Not only would he have greatly reduced the number of pages (this is a whopping book at just shy of 600 pages), but the story would've flowed so much better. I literally felt like a dog chasing its tail.