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The Night Before by Wendy Walker

The Night Before - Wendy   Walker
A special thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

The night before...and the nightmare after.

Even though Rosie and Laura are sisters, they are complete opposites.  Rosie is happily married and stable whereas Laura is single and trying to break free from her troubled past.

Laura is getting ready for a blind date, not entirely sure if she's going to go through with it.  She's intrigued by the man's photo and the exchanges they've had so far have been easy and enjoyable so she decides to give it a shot.  

Only Laura doesn't come home from the date.

As Rosie searches for her sister, the past comes knocking and her greatest fears are validated.  Is it Laura that's the danger, or is it the stranger?  Is she even still alive?

Told in alternating perspectives and with dual timelines—the night before and the day after—The Night Before is a fast-paced, taut thriller about loyalty, love, and desire that boarders on obsession.

Walker ratchets the tension over the course of the narrative.  Her pace is spot on and the dual timelines are the perfect vehicle to execute the story.  Her writing is hypnotic, and the plot is just twisty enough to keep your turning the pages like mad.  I polished this off in two sittings, staying up way too late, but I literally could not put it down.  It's been a while since I have been gripped by such a compulsive read.

The alternating perspectives were incredibly effective.  Walker utilizes this technique to reveal a little at a time, not only working the reader into a frenzy, but building on the momentum.

What was most impressive was how Walker made this book feel completely original.  It was sharp, clever, and utterly captivating.